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Wealth Insights

TrustPlutus Story

Trust Group has built a robust Financial Services business around a core promise that revolves around its name. The initial thrust was mostly on the debt and fixed income side since there was a less explored opportunity in that area. With its usual in-depth approach to building a business, the debt business grew rapidly to become one of the top five Debt Broking, Research, Advisory and Discretionary Fund Management businesses in India. It has a list of reputed Corporate and Institutional clients on the research and advisory side and a large number of ultra-net worth families on the fund management side.

In its approach to build a wider wealth management business that is focused on individuals, the Trust Group recognized that it needed to pull together a compelling proposition for prospects who were most likely disillusioned by the lack of direction that most Wealth Managers offered in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis.

The core proposition was to build the business model around client needs and aspirations as against the conventional approach of building around product expertise of the firm. In pursuit of this goal, the firm would differentiate itself by offering in-depth analysis of the needs, ambitions and aspirations in a scientific way, followed by a comprehensive mapping of the risk appetite and then match the needs and risk to available products.

Brand Identity

Trust Plutus Logo

The core benefit of this business delivery model is best described as ‘putting wind beneath the wings’ of the client’s ambitions and aspirations. The idea of the flying sail was born from this theme of wind beneath the wings that TrustPlutus would enable its clients to have. In addition, the sail symbolizes our role in helping our clients navigate through rough seas and help realize their goals under all conditions.

The name TrustPlutus was born from the extension of the Group name to the domain of wealth. “Plutus” being the Greek god of wealth the name TrustPlutus was conceived. This was tested in comparison to at least 100 other names generated during the commencement process. But TrustPlutus was a clear winner as it not only benefitted from the Group’s reputation but it is also unique and memorable.

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