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Developed and tested in Australia for over 4 years with the assistance of the University of New South Wales' Applied Psychology Unit, the FinaMetrica system has gained international recognition as world's best practice since its Australian launch in 1998. The FinaMetrica system offers previously unattainable levels of validity, reliability and accuracy in risk tolerance assessment.

WEBSITE : http://www.myrisktolerance.com/home

Amicorp Trustees (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Amicorp Trustees (India) Pvt. Ltd., specializes in estate and succession planning for Indian resident’s and NRI, offering the most appropriate solutions by adhering to the laws in India and globally.

WEBSITE : http://www.amicorp.com


Multi-Act Equity Consultancy Ltd engages in investment advisory activities and Portfolio Management Services for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, FII’s, QFI’, Single & Multi-Family Offices in the domestic Indian equity market.

WEBSITE : http://www.multi-act.com/

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