Wealth Advisory

TrustPlutus Family Office & Investment Advisers (India) Private Limited endeavors to provide comprehensive end to end advisory for family wealth. At TrustPlutus we try to go beyond your Investment needs and integrate all aspect of family wealth. We clearly understand that large part of family wealth has multi-generational objectives. Our Process is focused not just on the contemporary needs but is also extended towards providing bespoke solutions.

Most family wealth passes through four phases :

  • Setup stage
  • Key needs include flexible access to credit, basic transaction banking (including check-in accounts), protection and liquidity support; minimal private banking needs with added credit needs.

  • Growth stage
  • Key needs include support for new idea generation, acquisitions and cross-functional services along with a wealth management offering (investment products, real estate, private equity, cash-flow management to support wealth accumulation).

  • Mature stage
  • Key needs require enhanced advisory (capital re-investment vs. dividend income; corporate finance advice on restructuring) and core wealth services, including investment advice.

  • Transfer stage
  • Key needs include preservation of capital and wealth structuring, real-estate portfolio management, family constitution and governance, legacy planning and philanthropy.

Our family office proposition guides you through all these phases through an institutional framework.

Core value proposition

Family Office Process

Creating Framework

We believe first step towards creation of family office structure is to identify all wealth needs and articulation of the same. We can help family to identify and articulate wealth needs which include Investments, loans, Real Estate, Business and Partnerships needs, treasury management, personal financial planning and legacy planning.

This leads to creation of comprehensive plan for managing all wealth needs. Frame work also includes other critical aspects like goal setting, benchmarking, information flow, service provider, deliverables, restructuring (if required), pricing and MIS.

Smart Aggregation

Once framework is created all wealth needs are aggregated under single platform. This platform is agnostic to products as well to vendor and bankers. We can provide you advice with your choice of service provider to execute advice. We advise you to optimise right set of products and you will be free to choose an appropriate vendor for the same. We call this process a smart aggregation. Smart aggregation process will help us to provide you 360° balance sheet solution.

Active Advisory

Active advisory incorporates three key features to your family achieve wealth goals, identified in framework.

  • Suitability and appropriateness of advice for your family.
  • Investment decision and vetting process adopted.
  • Timely action and communication.

We have created right process by having our in-house research team across asset classes, Investment governance board, Information and analytic tools and specialized partners to provide you active advisory and achieve family wealth goal.

MIS Reporting

At TrustPlutus Family Office we provide CFO style reporting which acts as a decision support system to family. We try to maintain equilibrium of information, timeliness, transparency and accuracy. To implement basic tenet of trust and confidentiality, we provide right information layers for different level of decision makers. We provide multiple templates for reporting which informs family on portfolio’s strategic as well operational MIS.


Our Family office reviews are comprehensive and benchmark driven. Since frameworks and objectives are defined as a first step of the process, wealth objectives are specific and measurable with deliverables clearly defined. Reviews are also used as a strategic pit stop and environment scanning meeting to brief family on wealth environment.