Wealth Solutions

In times of information overload, investors often find themselves isolated from customized and meaningful advisory. They often miss out on the blend of art and science of investing.

At TrustPlutus, we believe that advisory is not just another function of wealth management. It is the soul. It is the process of understanding the client’s ability to take risks; expectations from investments; planning for retirement, lifestyle or specific goals; scientifically testing and setting up of model portfolios for various risk profiles; hand-picking client-centric product offerings and ascertaining suitability; and to offer a sound platform for tracking investments.

Our model clearly segregates advice from transaction services. Our clearly focused and distinct entites provide family office solution and investment Advisory under the banner of Trustplutus Family Office and Investment Advisory Pvt Ltd. while Trustplutus Wealth Managers ensures timely and accurate execution with minimum hassles.

TrustPlutus Wealth Manager (India) Pvt. Ltd

TrustPlutus Wealth Managers endeavors to differentiate by providing you right investment product for your risk profile and investment needs. Our relationship management team comprises of competent professionals who have substantial experience in managing client relationship. To enhance relationship managers' efforts team of product specialists and service anchors work alongside the relationship manager. The product specialist provides special expertise and due diligence on products to be offered to clients as well defining suitability of the same. This works as a Tripod Model to ensure client connectivity by relationship manager as an organizational face, service anchor as back-end support as well as product specialist as a domain expert.

Core value proposition

TrustPlutus Family Office and Investment Advisers (India) Pvt Ltd.

TrustPlutus Family Office and Investment Advisers (India) Pvt. Ltd. is comprehensive end to end advisory company who serves wealth need of families and treasuries.


We wish to be recognized as the foremost Wealth Solutions provider by our clients and other stakeholders.

We at TrustPlutus believe that your wealth needs to be managed keeping in mind our clients’ goals and aspirations across multiple time periods. This is possible only if there is a deep level of trust between us and our clients. To reinforce this, our commitment to our clients goes much further than the traditional approach to wealth management by putting in place a disciplined, rational and institutionally driven process. At TrustPlutus, Investment Strategist works alongside clients to construct portfolios based on client defined goals and objectives. We believe in delivering outstanding value through our quality of advice, range of products and services, risk adjusted portfolio performance, effective communication and excellence in service through a team of passionate, committed, diligent, knowledgeable and friendly professionals with outstanding integrity.

We are committed to providing goal based solutions through a scientific and disciplined process, aimed at mitigating risks. Our deep commitment to our clients’ needs and aspirations together with the analytical vigour, strong governance, wisdom and insight of our team enables us to create superior risk adjusted solutions.

Six Stages of Advisory

  • Risk Profiling
  • TrustPlutus has entered into a formal agreement with FinaMetrica, one of the most renowned and respected names globally, for carrying out risk profiling of investors. The FinaMetrica process is based on scientific profiling and entails psychometric testing of investor preferences. This helps us in ascertaining risk tolerance levels of investors in an unbiased manner.

  • Financial Planning
  • At TrustPlutus, Financial Planning is not just planning for one’s retirement. It is a scientific process of ascertaining investments, cash flows, liquidity, requirements for various goals like education, marriage, estate, retirement, etc. We endeavor to provide specific solutions to investors through goal-level planning and use state-of-the-art tools to actively monitor the progress on goal level achievements. This also helps in realignment of client funds or savings with an objective of meeting the stated goals.

  • Advisory Process
  • An investor’s risk profile often determines his Model Portfolios. At TrustPlutus, these Model Portfolios are decided by using the most scientific tools based on Monte Carlo simulation and helps us Optimize the Model Portfolios. The selection of portfolios for every profile is based on the risk / reward matrix for the profile. Besides this strategic allocation, we are supported by a very strong and eminent Board of Advisors who help us in forming the House View for advisory to investors. Such views help us in making dynamic adjustments in the portfolio based on the market view.

  • Model Portfolios
  • As stated earlier, Model Portfolios for every profile comes out of the exercise on Portfolio Optimizer. Even the selection of underlying asset is a function of deliberated exercise. Tools used by TrustPlutus not only helps in comparing two funds or asset class constituents, but also helps in determination of risk / reward for every profile, enabling us to select the underlying with attributes that match the profile.

  • Client Centric Products
  • Our clients and their investment goals are the reason and inspiration behind all our products and services. Hence, we make all our products to pass through a “stress test” to ascertain its suitability into client portfolios.

    Also, the term ‘Product” takes a whole new meaning when it comes to TrustPlutus as it not only refers to our specialized product offerings, but also extends to advisory on Real Estate, Private Equity, Estate Planning, etc. We have partnered with many prominent financial industry experts to provide our clients with these value-added services par excellence.

  • Strong Platform
  • We believe that advisory should be sustainable, and this can be possible only when there is a strong platform to back up the front end advisory. At Trustplutus, we have a customized software platform that helps us track every aspect of the investor portfolio, which in turn helps us to sustain and deliver high service standards consistently.