Debt PMS - Long Term Dynamic Strategy

A strategy that combines



Through Long Term Dynamic Strategy, we aim to identify mispriced opportunities which aid alpha generation.
This is achieved by investing in instruments having adequate liquidity and limited risk.

Investment Philosophy

A combination of accrual, duration,
credit strategies are employed depending
on the prevailing market conditions

Investments are made in
instruments having adequate
liquidity and limited risk

High coupon bonds generate
attractive carry income & act
as a yield kicker

Tactical duration exposure
could significantly improve
portfolio alpha

This strategy could potentially
deliver tax & expense adjusted
returns of ~6.75%

Key Attributes

No exit loads unlike most
debt mutual fund schemes

Offers flexibility to take
concentrated positions in high
conviction ideas

Investors can create customized
portfolios, as opposed to blind pool
investing in the case of mutual funds

Performance Comparison (Annualized)

As on 31st March 2021