Plutus High Yield Convertible

Generate Monthly Income Using High Quality Equities As The Underlying


Through Plutus High Yield Convertible, we aim to generate a monthly income by selling options on a basket of blue chip companies listed on the NSE.

Investment Philosophy

liquid funds

Invest into liquid funds

Monthly premium

Create a basket of securities where we have a buy/hold recommendation and sell puts using these stocks as the underlying and generate a monthly premium

Monthly coupon

Investors earn a monthly coupon as long as the underlying or a set of underlying trade at, or above a preset barrier level

Underlying stock

If the underlying closes below the barrier level adjusted for the premium earned, investors will need to redeem their cash and buy the underlying stock(s). Investors can continue to sell call options on stocks that they will hold in their portfolio till such time that they exit the stock(s)

Key Attributes

Tick Image Earn absolute returns on a monthly basis
Tick Image Since the underlying is a liquid portfolio, you can exit at a short notice
Tick Image Monthly exit option available

Performance Comparison

As on 31st October 2022

High Yield Convertible Performance

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