At TrustPlutus Wealth Managers, we advice our customers across a wide spectrum of investment options including equity, debt, international funds, structured products, real estate, commodities and insurance. In addition, our advisory and product team also introduces proprietary investment products designed to help our customers achieve their investment goals.

Proprietary Offerings:

Plutus Arbitrage Plus

Arbitrage Funds are an attractive short-term investment alternative to Liquid Funds as their returns are more tax efficient, since returns from arbitrage Funds are taxed as returns from equity. Arbitrage Plus uses a proprietary derivative strategy that aims to improve the returns over Arbitrage Funds for investors.

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Plutus Legacy Portfolio

Plutus Legacy Portfolio assures sustainable growth through investments in businesses with established leadership and operating in industries with a large addressable opportunity that presents an opportunity for sustainable, profitable growth.

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Plutus Opportunities

Plutus Opportunities endeavours to generate alpha over the Nifty 500. It focuses on investing into established businesses operating in industries with large addressable opportunities that present an opportunity for profitable growth.

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Plutus Alpha

Plutus Alpha is a proprietary derivatives strategy that seeks to generate additional income on existing investments by selling options on the Nifty 50 index.

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