Plutus Opportunities

Outsmart. Outthink. Outperform.

Invest in businesses that can deliver sustainable and profitable growth.


Through Plutus Opportunities, we aim to optimize long term risk adjusted, post tax post fees CAGR of investments.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

B2C firms (min. 50% of the portfolio) with opportunistic allocation to investment/industrials

Business cycles

Established franchises and intangibles that enjoy operating leverage over business cycles

Capital structure

Companies that leverage India's growth to deliver sustainable profit through use of prudent capital allocation and capital structure.

Key Investment Attributes

Key Investment Attributes

Tick Image Profitable Growth
Profitable companies with high ROE, ROIC, Cash flow generation and low leverage over a business cycle
Tick Image Emerging or Established Leadership
Companies which are clear or emerging leaders in their respective industry
Tick Image Operating leverage
Companies with ‘fixed cost structure” and/or “Benefit of scale” leading to operating leverage in profitability
Tick Image Large Addressable Opportunities
Companies with potential for long term secular growth due to large addressable opportunities