Advisory services

Wealth management & Investment Advisory

  • Fee based product agnostic relationship management model
  • Client centric business model devoid of conflict of interest
  • Open Architecture led full suite of products
  • Risk profiling led asset allocation
  • Portfolio construction and product recommmendation(s)
  • Periodic portfolio reviews

Proprietary Wealth Management Solutions

  • Proprietary ideation led investment products across asset classes
  • Strategies across equities, fixed income and capital markets

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  • We work with marquee tax advisory firms and refer our clients to these firms in case our clients need tax advise


  • Complying with new laws and regulations being introduced periodically may pose a challenge for several investors
  • We refer our clients to subject matter experts and help ensure compliance

Wealth management services

Non-Discretionary PMS

  • Open Architecture Led full suite of products and services
  • Leading Bank acting as custodian of client assets and offering custody and fund accounting services
  • One stop execution across all products with a single glance statement that can be used for a portfolio review periodically
  • Trust Multi Asset strategy: Model portfolio approach
  • Trust Consult strategy: Customized investment solutions


We work with a partner to help fulfil the financing needs of our clients 

  • Home loan / Loan against property
  • Personal loan
  • Business loan
  • Loan against securities
  • Promoter financing
  • ESOP funding

Real estate

We work with a global real estate company and help our clients buy, sell or lease residential and commercial properties


We work with insurance partners to address the savings & protection needs of our clients

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • General Insurance

Offshore solutions

  • Investments under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS)
  • Access to products across different geographies

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Legacy services

Succession planning

We refer our clients to a subject matter expert and then work jointly with the expert and our client to deliver the specific ask from each client

  • Ring fencing personal assets
  • Passing on wealth to the next generations
  • Providing for special needs of a family member
  • Creation of Trusts

Next generation education

Clients who are interested in getting their younger generation to learn the nuances of investing and wealth management can take advantage of our next generation series where we educate participants through class room led sessions leveraging our experience in financial services

  • Relevant programs through a class room setting
  • Focus on managing family wealth


Clients desirous of indulging in philanthropy can be referred to respectable organizations that can then help the client donate as well as keep a track of how their money is being spent

  • Every donation is closely monitored and reports are provided to clients on a periodic basis
  • This ensures correct placement and utilisation of your generosity.