Liquid Alternate Strategy

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Get higher returns than Liquid Funds with Liquid Alternate Strategy


Through Liquid Alternate Strategy, we aim to take advantage of steepness in the money market yield curve.
The fund follows a roll down strategy and generates capital gains if the rate drops or spreads compress.

Investment Philosophy

Investment philosophy

Buy 9-12 months instruments, and sell after 3-6 months, given the steepness available

Investment philosophy

Investments are into high quality & liquid bonds/CPs with less than 1 year residual maturity

Investment philosophy

Ideal for tenor between 3 to 12 months

Liquid Key Attributes

Key Attributes

Tick Image Credit control through customized portfolios
Tick Image Yield pick-up with ability to take advantage of yield curve steepness
Tick Image Potential for capital gains through roll down leading to higher returns
Tick Image No commingling impact like in mutual funds
Tick Image As liquidity improves, spreads will likely compress, leading to an added benefit

Performance Comparison (Annualized)

As on 31st January 2022

Liquid Performance Comparison

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