Plutus Legacy

Looking For Sustainable And Profitable Growth?

Invest in businesses with established leadership, operating in industries with a large addressable opportunity.


Through Plutus Legacy, we aim to focus on investing in businesses with established leadership, operating in industries with a large addressable opportunity that presents an opportunity for sustainable, profitable growth.

Investment Philosophy

Optimize long term

Optimize long term risk adjusted post-tax and post-fees CAGR of investments in real terms by allocating long term capital to long term assets with a disciplined focus

The strategy

The strategy is focused on investing in B2C firms with strong parentage, franchise and intangibles that allow the business to be scalable and durable

The companies

The companies should have a demonstrated track record of superior capital allocation and superior capital structure

Plutus Legacy Key Attributes

Key Attributes

Tick Image Sustainability in terms of market leadership and growth
Tick Image Profitable growth
Tick Image Leadership
Tick Image Large addressable opportunity